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"Be The Chef " Shabu -Shabu was formally introduced in Osaka Kansai in 1948. The name Shabu - Shabu is said to come from the sound " swish... swish ..." that's made as the meat is gently swished through the broth.
Today this unique cooking style has enjoyed an increasing popularity globally.
At Shabu Nobu , we brought you the authentic , original recipe of shabu shabu sauces , the "Goma "and the "Ponzu". There are no " Rules " for eating Shabu Shabu. Your pot comes with clear broth. Once the water in the pot starts to boil , you can start to cook your beef and vegetables in the pot. Dip the slice of beef and vegetables in boiling water for a minute or so, before dipping it into the Goma or Ponzu sauce , but then again since you are the Chef , you take full control of your cooking style.
"Be The Chef " , just cook what you want , when you want and enjoy it the way you want.....

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